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Herbal Guide to Natural Breast Enlargement and Women’s reproductive health.


There are many alternative natural breast enlargement options today for you to consider before you go as far as the invasion of your body with surgery. They are natural herbals and creams that help promote a safe but effective enhancement to your breasts.  Let's look at some of the most popular herbs included in these and why...


Feneugreek Seed Extract contains some of the main concentrations of the factory elements recommended by herbalists for breast enlargement. Fenugreek seed is also widely used as a galactagogue (milk producing agent) by nursing mothers to increase inadequate breast milk supply There are studies that show it has hormone balancers for menopausal symptoms


Fennel Seed is affluent in flavonoids that cause estrogenic effects. This boosting of discharge is key to the formation of new breast cells and tissue, and the boosting of secretion is key to the refining of the estrogen receptor sites which get misty with environmental toxins that mimic estrogen. By acting to flush out these and other toxins from the body, it promotes health cell building.


Dong Quai rifle aids the body in the capable use of hormones. Also worn as handling for some menopause symptoms and it's been worn successfully to alleviate PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and menopausal symptoms (Hardy 2000). Scientists deem that one method of action of Dong Quai is to promote natural progesterone synthesis. Progesterone (to be discussed in more detail later) is another hormone whose production declines at menopause. These nutrients can help to subtract these out of the system, aiding in increasing the strength of the breast tissue.


Blessed Thistle sage is worn to pleasure a strain of female concerns counting painful menstruation and associated aches and pains. It is also worn as a hormonal valve and aid in digestion and circulation. Because of its robust estrogenic properties, it can be a simple treatment of monthly cramps and bleeding.

Dandelion root helps all forms of discharge and flow from the body. This boosting of discharge is key to the formation of new breast cells and tissue, and the boosting of flow is key to the refining of the estrogen receptor sites which get foggy with environmental toxins that mimic estrogen. By acting to detach these and other toxins from the body, it cleans out the system promoting healthy cell formulation.


Watercress Leaf is one of the best sources of vitamin E. This is the richness vitamin, inner to breast enlargement, Vitamin E helps the body to use oxygen, which increases mean endurance and vigor and improves heart response.


L-Tyrosine is a point precursor to Thyroxine, a prime thyroid hormone, as well as Adrenaline and Nor-adrenaline. Thyroxine has been found to redouble metabolic appraise and check growth rate. L-Tyrosine is a essential amino acid in the production of neurotransmitters with epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. L-Tyrosine also appears to have a mild stimulatory provoke on the vital panicky system.


Kelp is the regular name for seaweed. It absorbs fats and has been shown to have efficacy for obesity, cellulitis and rheumatism. It is splendid in nutrients, containing 30 minerals, so it is especially beneficial for somebody who is limestone deficient. It is reported to be beneficial for the wits and jumpy system and the spinal chord. Kelp contains iodine which stimulates the thyroid. Kelp has also been reported to develop skin, nails and hair, shield against radiation, lessen stools and discuss obesity and ulcers.


Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant, theater a function in the body's ability to develop oxygen. It also protects Vitamin A from destruction in the body and unsaturated fats from abnormal breakdown. Vitamin E prolongs the life of red blood cells and promotes cell respiration and is reported to be the anti-aging vitamin. In addition, Vitamin E helps minimize scarring and assists in the remedial of wounds, retards blood clotting, keeps youthful elasticity in tissues and alleviates hot flashes and menopausal distress.



Why women should consider using Herbals


A Little Something about Herbal Medicine First


Herbal medicine has been used to cure human afflictions for five thousand years already and now it is making a dramatic comeback into accepted use.  Women should consider using herbals for common needs and ailments because of the impressive benefits with little or no side effects. Using herbals helps bring natural healing and balance into one’s body as well as mind.  In the quest to achieve equilibrium in ones life cycles, the use of herbal creams and supplements can help bring one closer to their personal balance.

The Wonders of Herbal Medicine

It’s Cheap – Money matters always so taking herbal medicine is not only better for the body, it’s better for the pockets too!


It’s All Natural – And of course, all natural is better than man-made more often than not. Because of that, there are fewer reasons to worry about symptoms and side effects.


It’s effective – Herbals are not only safe but also effective in treating most common aliments. They have been used for hundreds of years longer than the common drugs prescribed by doctors today!

A Little Warning about Herbal Medicine


We can all agree that herbal medicine is truly helpful to the human race. But herbal medicine can also become a danger – but blame the humans (that’s us) for that as well.


You have to take the necessary precautions to ensure that herbal medicine will be completely beneficial to your body. That means testing all supplements and creams at first, attention to dosage, and being aware of any side effects that occur in rare cases.


First, it’s essential that you buy herbal medicine that’s produced by a reputable company and buy it from a reputable retailer or seller as well. There are a lot of fake herbal medicines out in the market so just to be safe than sorry, do choose one that has proven to be effective.


Secondly, do be aware that it’s very much possible to overdose on herbal medicine. And when that happens, it means that you took more than advised. Hence, do consult your doctor first about the appropriate dosage and even if you feel that it wouldn’t harm you to increase the dosage, let’s just stick to the safe side once more and follow what the good doctor says.


Lastly, it’s imperative that you inform your doctor if you’re already taking other medications because it could react negatively when you start taking herbal medicine as well

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